The dōPLANNER: 2024 Slim Edition

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An Easy, Time-Saving, Organization Guide And 2024 Planner For Your Essential Oils Business! This SLIM Version At 6x9” Is Compact Enough To Fit In Your Bag And Take With You On The Go!

* 6x9, Coil-Bound 

* Weekly Zone For Genius

* Social Media Made Easy Prompts

* 100 Names List & Contact Tracker With 3 Additional Blank Columns 

* Monday-Sunday Daily Agenda (No Time Slots)

* Daily Meal Planning

* Monthly Mind Sweep & My Whiteboard Writing Space 

* Structure Bonus Monthly Worksheet

* Plan To Rank Monthly Worksheet

* Monthly 2024 Dated Calendar, For Planning Classes And Other Important Occasions In Advance

* Weekly 2024 Dated Calendar, For Your Full Planning Needs (With Weekly Intention Writing Space

* Self-Development Activities So You Can Be Your Best!

* Goal-Setting Activities To Keep You Accountable

* Simple Income/Expenses/Mileage Tracking For Ease At Tax Time!

* Monthly Review Exercises So Your Goals Are Fresh In Your Mind And Adjusted Accordingly As The Year Progresses

~ Does Not Include 1-2-3 Tracking System, Recipes, Quotes Or Times Due To Size Restrictions ~

Due to the nature of our model, we only offer print-on-demand options for our planners (yay, save the trees!) therefore we carry NO inventory so we do NOT accept returns or refunds once the Planner has already hit production. That being said, we also have exceptional customer experience values and want to ensure you’re happy so please get in touch with us If you have concerns and we’ll do everything we can to help and make it right