• Designed for Essential Oil Business Owners


Designed for Essential Oil Business Owners

Organizing should be EASY, not stressful - meet the dōPLANNER!

From tracking your contacts + enrolments, to planning and organizing your day to day appointments (both business and personal!) the dōPLANNER was designed by wellness advocates for wellness advocates to keep you inspired, organized, motivated, and on track for success all year round!

"I did it! I finally found a planner that's going to work for me! I'm getting rid of my little planner from Target and switching to The dōPLANNER. This one is going to work way better for my family and business. And I'm looking forward to being more organized - finally!"

– Jamie D. dōTERRA Diamond Leader

Many wellness advocates are stuck because they’re overwhelmed from a lack of organization in their business.

Here is just an iceberg of what you get…

1. You’ll discover how to grow to organize your business’ growth and achieve financial freedom.

2. You’ll save money by skipping the multiple notebooks, journals, and sticky notes, by replacing it with your dōPLANNER, costing you less than $3.oo a month!

3. You’ll skip the hassle of remembering what you sampled your friend, forgetting what upcoming tasks you have next week, and MUCH more!

4. You’ll know exactly how to navigate your goals, and each step to get there, and taking organized and effective action.

5. You’ll have a TON more time in your day to spend less time in a frantic state, and more time in a state of serving your community. 

“I see that not only planning but also reviewing my week opens space. Now I have more time, and can rely on tasks getting completed and reduce overwhelm - because I'm no longer carrying it around in my head all the time!"

– Caroline V. dōTERRA Leader