The brōPLANNER: Undated 5th Edition

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Cousin to The dōPLANNER, The brōPLANNER is a daily planner specifically for men who run an essential oil business.

* 8.5 x 11, coil-bound, black on white

* 100 Names List & Contact Tracker (NEW for 2021!)

* Monthly Mind Sweep & My Whiteboard writing space (NEW for 2021!)

* Monthly undated calendar

* Weekly undated calendar, with weekly intention writing space (NEW for 2021!)

* Tracking system to manage follow ups and contacts effectively

* Daily times listed from 6am-10pm

* Self-development activities

* Goal-setting activities

* Simple income/expenses/ mileage tax system

* Quotes, recipes, inspirational messages, checklists

* Self-care tracker

* Monthly review exercises

Due to the nature of our model, we only offer print on demand option for our planners (yay, save the trees!) therefore we carry NO inventory so we do NOT accept returns or refunds once the Planner has already hit production. That being said, we also have exceptional customer experience values and want to ensure you’re happy so please contact us If you have concerns and we’ll do everything we can to help and make it right!