The dōPLANNER 2024 Classic PRINTABLE Edition

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* 8.5 x 11 PDF File To Print From Home

* Weekly Zone For Genius

* Social Media Made Easy Prompts

* 100 Names List & Contact Tracker With 3 Additional Blank Columns 

* Monday-Sunday Daily Agenda 6am-10pm Time Slots (30 Minute Increments)

* Daily Meal Planning 

* Monthly Mind Sweep & My Whiteboard Writing Space 

* Structure Bonus Monthly Worksheet

* Plan To Rank Monthly Worksheet

* 1-2-3 Tracking System Keeps Your Eo Biz On Track As You See Easy-To-Attain Mini-Goals Each Week

* Monthly 2024 Calendar, Beginning With January 2024

* Weekly 2024 Calendar, With Weekly Intention Writing Space 

* Self-Development Activities So You Can Be Your Best!

* Goal-Setting Activities To Keep You Accountable

* Simple Income/Expenses/Mileage Tracking For Ease At Tax Time!

* Quotes, Recipes, And Inspirational Messages To Keep You Motivated Throughout The Year 

* Checklists To Keep Your Goals In Mind And Prioritize

* Monthly Review Exercises So Your Goals Are Fresh In Your Mind And Adjusted Accordingly As The Year Progresses


This printable 2024 Classic Edition dōPLANNER cannot be manipulated, duplicated, shared, or printed more than once. This purchase is for one single download and one single print only. So yes, your Oily friends will need to buy their own! Not that we need to tell you that, we know you have the utmost integrity! No refunds once purchased.