Niche Down To Money Up!

So you are looking for more people to bite on your posts and buy oils?

Have you ever considered you are preaching to too many people? 

Yep, it is a thing! Niche down to money up!

Here's the secret sauce. The key is figuring out what your niche market is and then sticking with it. You'll be surprised at how much easier it will be once you find your passion/niche and I am going to go over a few ways to help you see why you want to do this and how to figure it out. 

The whole goal of sales is to solve problems and be super clear on your message. Talking about the million things that oils can do for you is fun and you may catch a few bites on your marketing but sticking to one subject-your niche and talking about why you are so passionate about it will zero in on an audience and keep them coming back for more. 

Think about it like this. Over a week of marketing you are talking about oils and exercise, then you jump to oils and emotions, then oils and kids, then oils and cleaning, then oils and digestion. While this is great, yes for maybe an education group to help your loyal awesome customers see way more ways to use the oils BUT for your cold market you are going to lose some hot leads. 

If you niche down to a smaller audience and only talk about the thing that lights you up with the oils, not only will your emotions shine through your messaging, you have clearer knowledge in the specific topic and you can go on and on about it for days!!! PLUS you start to position yourself as an expert. Then Sally sees you constantly talking about how dōTERRA oils with the nutrition line and some LLV can help her with her terrible digestive issues and keep seeing the million benefits that she needs to try these and she will be sliding into your inbox asking for information. 

See the difference? 

If you zero in on one thing you are super passionate about and keep talking about that and how it's changed you, people will bite. 

Also remember this. Algorithms are a beast and not everyone is seeing every single one of your posts so Sally may have missed your talk on digestive issues that you were so lit up to write about and then it is months again before you chat about it because you are trying to cover too many things. 

Keeping your niche and message consistent will have people coming back for more as well! Not every person who sees your post is in “i'm ready to buy” mode right away. It may take a few times for someone to see your message before you trigger something in them one day to be like-”You know what, I am going to message that girl and ask her for help because I am tired of feeling the way I do”. AND it gives them a reason to keep coming back to your page to learn more when you talk about a consistent problem you are solving. Even if they don't buy right away, you are going to start growing a fan base that will engage with your posts, boost your algorithms and help you be seen more!

Consistency is KEY to keep them coming back for more! 

Now how do I find my niche, you ask? 

Here is a little exercise. Go grab a journal and brainstorm with a few of these questions:

  1. What have you overcome in the past that you can teach about and share with the world? I can almost guarantee there are other people that are in the same shoes that you used to be in and you can help them walk into a new fresh pair.
  2. What makes you passionate about dōTERRA? 
  3. Why did you join? How did dōTERRA change your life? 
  4. What are you passionate about outside of dōTERRA? Can you merge the two together and make dōTERRA the vehicle to getting your message out to the world and make an income from it?

Not only will this help you zero in on your audience but it will also light you up and fuel you to be more consistent. When you talk about the things that set your soul on fire you are more apt to do it more. 

After your exercise we would love to hear about your ah-ha moments and how you are shifting your business to serve and attract your tribe in The dōPLANNER Collective Facebook group so we can celebrate you! 

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Ta Ta for now! 

Xo The dōPLANNER Team