5 things you can do right now to improve your dōTERRA business!

Here are some serious hacks to get some momentum building in your dōTERRA biz💎

  1. Ask for help!

Seriously, this one is huge! Trying to multitask with kids and a job, fur babies etc can be HARD. Get the whole family on board and ask them to do certain chores weekly to add some time to your plate. Ask hubby to take the kids to the park, or ask a friend or relative to take the kids once a week so you can free up an hour to do some serious income producing activities.

2. Be intentional!

When you do find the time to rock some biz activities be very intentional about the time you put in. We tend to get stuck in "prepare" and don't do the things that make us the most impact! Always do your minimum to contacts and two follow ups DAILY. These are the needle movers for momentum in your biz.

3. Present every week at the same time!

Having a set day and time to invite your prospects to a class makes it super easy to book people in. PLUS when you contact and follow up the prospect knows that (for example) every Tuesday at 7pm they can find you teaching about oils in your facebook group. You will be surprised to see prospects that missed classes show up other nights because they know how to find you ;)

4. Pre-schedule your social media!

You can create your posts and schedule them daily, weekly or monthly! Then you just have to reply to comments and DM's on the fly! Which, let's face it we tend to find ourselves on social media more than we would like to admit! Who else had withdrawals when facebook and insta were down this week? Next time you are on facebook or insta, instead of getting lost in the scroll, be intentional and schedule a few posts. Consistency is key! People need to hear what you have to offer!

5. "Unless commitment is made there are only promises and hopes; but no plans." -Peter F. Drucker

Make time blocking and planning your best friend! Schedule time, even in 15 minute chunks! Make building your business as much of a priority as a doctors appointment or little Sally's soccer practice. Your dreams matter too! In fact we believe in your dreams so much that we want to give you a printable October-December PDF to start planning your diamond dreams right away when you get your 2022 dōPLANNER. Keep all your contacts, follow ups, schedule, rank planning and so much more in once place.

Grab it here: www.thedoplanner.com


We believe in you!